Why did I choose direct primary care?

So I've taken the plunge to move away from insurance into a membership model of primary care. I was previously practicing in a traditional practice for five years. Although I loved my previous staff, I quickly became burned out in this system. I kept contemplating an alternative career versus changing the way I was asked to practice medicine. I had known about direct primary care (DPC) since 2013 but never dared to depart from my employed position and become an entrepreneur. At least not yet. In 2019, I chose to take a leap of faith, follow my instincts, and follow the path of entrepreneurship. This journey has been challenging and rewarding in so many ways. I get to sit down one by one with the patient and genuinely get to know them. The challenges are all worth it.

My visits are a minimum of thirty minutes, and most importantly, I don't worry about the time ticking. My office visits are as long as we need them to be! I use this valuable time to get to know my patient on a personal level. Because I no longer work with insurance, I no longer have to worry about coverage in a patient's policy. My hands are not tied to which medications I can prescribe. My medical license is genuinely free with DPC. I can now focus on YOU, the patient. My mission as a direct primary care physician is to provide you with high-quality care and keep you healthy. People say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and I couldn't agree more.

If you're unsure if you're receiving quality healthcare, I ask you the following: When was the last time you were able to talk to your physician directly if you had a question? Have you ever been able to shoot a text, send them a picture, or give them a quick call? Or were you forced to leave a message, or worse, come in, pay an office visit, and get rushed out the door for something simple?

Having direct access to your physician is not common in a traditional practice. As a DPC member, you can access me from your fingertips via text, video chat, and email. Plus, the membership includes all in-house procedures, discounted labs, and imaging studies. I believe we ALL should have access to quality, affordable health care. It is truly a privilege to continue serving my community, and I'm grateful you have chosen me. Cheers to your health, and thank you for joining my DPC practice. Ya'll have blessed me with your presence. To all potential new patients, welcome!

If you're interested in joining our DPC practice or want to learn more about us click here.

You can also call us at 832-391-5300.

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