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Why did I choose direct primary care?

Updated: Jan 9

primary care

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Embracing Direct Primary Care

Embark on a transformative journey with me as I transition from traditional medicine to a membership-based model. After five years in a conventional practice, burnout fueled my decision to explore entrepreneurship. Since 2019, Direct Primary Care (DPC) has allowed me to prioritize quality time with patients, with visits lasting a minimum of thirty minutes.

What Sets DPC Apart?

Enjoy unhurried visits where time is not a constraint. Freed from insurance limitations, I can focus solely on your well-being. Direct access becomes a reality – text, video chat, or call me directly without the bureaucratic hurdles.

Your Health, Your Choice

DPC membership grants access to me whenever needed, ensuring personalized care. Benefit from all-inclusive in-house procedures, discounted labs, and imaging studies. I believe everyone deserves quality, affordable healthcare, and it's a privilege to continue serving my community.

Join the DPC Experience

To all my existing patients, thank you for your trust and presence. To potential new patients, a warm welcome! Explore the perks of Direct Primary Care by clicking here. Ready to join or learn more? Call us at 832-391-5300. Cheers to your health!

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