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Luminous Health & Wellness DPC for Businesses

Luminous Health & Wellness Direct Primary Care memberships allow your employees to benefit direct access to D. Medina Galvan, MD by improving health and reducing medical costs. The direct access eliminates ER/urgent care visits and creates a culture of employees who are proactive about their health.

Dr. Medina holding a mug

Our Solution:

  • Give employees unrestricted access to all their primary care needs.

  • Let Dr. Medina Galvan manage all comprehensive primary care.

  • Allow employees to have direct access to Dr. Medina Galvan.

  • Eliminate unnecessary ER and urgent care visits.

Our Results:

  • You’ll have happy, healthy employees by providing them with quality healthcare they will love.

  • Great cost savings

  • Miss fewer days at work due to illnesses because they will have direct access to Dr. Medina Galvan, it will be easier to receive preventative and sick care.

We understand that choosing health care benefits is a huge – and sometimes intimidating and confusing – responsibility as a business owner. We are here to answer your questions about DPC and to simplify the process, contacts us today.

5 or more employees: Registration fee is waived.  $99 per employee/month
<5 employees: No discounts, age-based rate


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