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Immigration Medical Exam

An immigration exam, also known as a green card medical exam, is required for all applicants who are filing to become permanent residents of the United States or green card holder.

Dr. Medina Galvan is a designated civil surgeon who can conduct comprehensive immigration physicals.

COST: Medical Exam - $350, additional costs are USCIS labs for $75 and vaccine immunity labs for $70. 


Steps for Completion of Medical Exam

Step 1

Call to schedule an appointment.

Step 2

Dr. Medina will perform a medical exam, vaccine review, and lab work. During the appointment, you will be instructed what vaccines you will need to complete the I-693.

Step 3

Once labs are received and reviewed you will be informed via portal. 

Step 4

When all of your vaccines are completed, you can come in to sign the I-693 form. 

Step 5

You will receive your sealed envelope with the original I-693 form (a copy will be emailed to you).

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    A minimum of one month is recommended in between peels. The frequency and number of peels depends on various factors and should be determined by a skin care professional.
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