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Medical Ear Piercing

At Luminous Health & Wellness, we are pleased to offer a safe, clean and sterile ear piercing for you. We use medical-grade sterile earrings to avoid risk of infection and exposure to nickel allergy. 

A girl looking into a mirror at her new earrings

Get your ears pierced for $99, this includes:

   - The procedure

   - The earrings

   - After-care 

Ear piercing takes about 10 minutes. For most children, we are able to pierce both ears at the same time. 

Interested in setting up an appointment for Ear Piercing?

  • Will result be long lasting?
    The peel results will last as long as your skin is maintained with proper medical-grade skin care regime. The peels can be performed monthly.
  • How many peels can you do and how far apart should they be done?
    A minimum of one month is recommended in between peels. The frequency and number of peels depends on various factors and should be determined by a skin care professional.
  • How much peeling can be expected?
    Peeling generally starts about 2-3 days after the peel, it should take about 7-10 days to completely peel and heal.
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