Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership with 30 days anticipation notice via letter or email after the first 90 days of your introductory membership period has passed.

Do you accept insurance?

No. The direct nature of DPC liberates us from the contractual agreements by insurance companies that prohibits doctors from offering discounted pricing on lab tests and diagnostic studies. By not accepting insurance we are able to provide ideal medical care that our patients truly deserve.

Is there a requirement to have insurance in order to become a member?

You don’t need insurance to join Luminous Health & Wellness Direct Primary Care. However, keep in mind that DPC is not a substitute for insurance. It’s strongly recommended to have at minimum catastrophic insurance coverage for unanticipated medical issues that may arise and cannot be managed by Dr. Medina Galvan (ie. appendicitis, car accident requiring surgery, cancer treatment et cetera). We recommend a PPO health insurance plan that allows us to coordinate your care and does not require referrals for specialists. HMO plans usually do not pay any services/prescriptions that are not ordered by an in-network physician.

I'm not a legal citizen, can I be your patient?

Absolutely! Your legal status is not of importance to us. We want to provide comprehensive medical care to EVERYONE regardless of citizenship status, race, religion or political affiliation.

What if I don't have any insurance?

It does not matter, Dr. Medina Galvan, will still take care of your healthcare needs.

I usually don't go to the doctor, will your DPC membership be beneficial?

Of course! Think about it, you will have access to your physician Dr. Medina Galvan at your finger tips. The savings on the labs and radiologic studies usually covers the cost of the annual membership. You can have a piece of mind knowning that Dr. Medina Galvan is a text or phone call away. Being part of the DPC membership is so valuable.

Can I join if I have medicare or medicaid?

Currently, we are not accepting any medicare or medicaid patients. However, we anticipate being able to accept both medicare and medicaid patients in the near future.

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